The hosted facility for our Interactive Voice Response system is made up of a bank of T1 circuits connected to a group of IVR servers. Utilizing a modular design allows us to expand our capacity any time we add a new customer or expect an increase in call volume.

We have skilled technicians monitoring our hardware, network and server environment at all times. Because we insist on 24/7 network monitoring and redundant high-speed internet connections, we can assure complete reliability to our customers. Our servers are located on the telecommunications SONET fiber ring, whichis invaluable because it gives us redundant access to the telephony environment.

Should the unlikely event of a telecom failure occur, the T1 circuits could be easily re-routed with nominal interruption of service. Our facility is outfitted with dual power supplies and uses Raid hard drive configurations. Ifone server was to fail, a backup server would be immediately available to receive calls until the failed server was repaired. If normal electrical power was to be interrupted, the hosted facility would use a combination of diesel generator power and UPS battery backup.

Constructed of a bank of PRI circuits and IVR servers, our hosted facility is currently able to handle upwards of 200,000 calls per day and expansion is limitless, so system capacity is not an issue.

The e-Complish server also offers:

  • Environmentally controlled server room
  • Prompt usage reports
  • Scalable rack space
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Direct, redundant connections to the Internet through varied providers and paths
  • Secure, alarmed facility
  • Biometric restricted and two factor authenticated access to data center

For an added layer of security, we have access to a redundant IVR facility, which is designed to deliver the same services as the main facility. Should our primary facility fail entirely, all calls would be passed to this backup location.