E-Complish’s server architecture is designed for rapid, efficient error resolution.
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Alarm Notification

e-Complish offers two packages for monitoring call errors. The first option monitors every call that comes into our hosted environment. If calls are not received for a pre-determined period of time, our 24/7 support center staff will be notified immediately and dispatched to investigate and correct the issue. The second option is a software program designed to monitor error logs on the hosted servers. If an error occurs, our support center will be notified and the issue will be addressed immediately.

Data Probe

e-Complish has developed a Data Probe server, allowing us to automatically reroute calls from primary servers to Backup Redundant Servers should there be a database error. If a server failure were to occur, this proprietary process would helpus to greatly reduce downtime.


Our hosted facilities use a power configuration with multiple phases of power from multiple UPS’s. This allows us to get power via a second UPS should an issue arise with one of the facility UPS’s. Diesel Generators are also present at all facilities, and will supply power in the event that power is lost. These generators can run indefinitely.

Load Balancing

The e-Complish Load Balancer works as a proxy device between multiple servers. Prior to the traffic reaching the server,the Load Balancer receives information from the internet, evaluates it, figures out the service’s scheduling method, and then determines where to send the request. The information is evenly distributed across all of our servers, whichhelps to prevent server load failures, offerscontinual resource availability, and maximizesthe system’s performance as a whole.