At e-Complish, we utilize the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) to activate the proper application for each caller so thatour customers don’t have to define a limited number of lines for each phone number. Rather,you will have access to all of our available capacity at all times. We closely monitor incoming traffic and add capacity whenever we reacha load of 80% to guarantee that our customers do not receive busy signals.


In the event that we have an issue with a particular T1 circuit, our specialized environment is designed so that we can take the circuit out of service until it is repaired. During repairs, we make use of our bank of spare T1’s to handle incoming traffic, minimizing the effect this might have had our customers.


Database Redundancy

e-Complish employs database redundancy and replication to keep safely store data and to provide a backup server in the event of a database issue.

Data Retention

We have algorithms in place for data storage and retention that allow us to continually archive or remove data based on our customers’needs.