The e-Complish Web Applications facility is outfitted with all the features of our IVR facility. Additionally, it runs on San Diego’s military power grid, giving us constant access to power – even if power were to go out across the entire city. Additional protection from power grid disturbances is offered by 150kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, which allow us plenty of time to switch operations to our diesel generator if utility power should fail.

More than 50 certified engineers at the Network Operations Center (NOC) are on hand at all times to ensure that systems inside the data center are constantly being monitored. These skilled engineers keep our systems running smoothly with ongoing networking and security. With four enormous screens (8×6 feet) ticking off the real-time status of servers and network, the NOC looksalmost likea NASA command center. This top-of-the-line monitoring system makes it possible for our staff to immediately jump into action and provide critical information to our customers.

e-Complish’s Multi-Honed Backbone Connection Facility was designed to provide our clients the highest levels of connectivity at all times. Access to a diversity of backbone providers, includingAT&T, Time Warner, Level 3, MCI, XO Communications, SBC, Williams, and ICG, allows our facility to provide multi-homed bandwidth for uninterrupted connectivity.