Online and Mobile Commerce Trends

Online and Mobile Commerce Trends

Online and Mobile Commerce Trends to Grow Your Business

Get the latest news about online spending, mobile habits, and frictionless checkouts to boost sales. If you aren’t providing the ease of ordering and paying from desktops and handheld devices, make 2017 the year you give clients the buying options they expect.

Cyber Spending

Researchers predicted that U.S. internet spending would reach $355 billion during 2016 with that rising figure surpassing $400 billion by 2018. Online shopping rose 45 percent last year, and that trend shows no signs of slowing. Without innovating, your company might lag behind for not meeting your customers’ expanding needs. No one can foresee e-commerce’s future precisely, but staying current can help increase cyber sales.

Let’s review some top developments that will continue shaping this successful industry. As 2016 ended, 89 percent of retail executives expected innovative brand experiences to be their main competitive advantages. Enriching customer service with strong virtual encounters satisfies the consumer’s growing interest. Combining predictive analytics and actionable widgets facilitate targeting user behaviors.

Real-time offers boost conversions 50 percent. For example, a click on some woman’s category defines a visitor as female. That demographic enables customizing her gender-specific shopping experience by color theme, content, and promotions, increasing sales. Or someone’s looking around your e-commerce site for a certain product. Due to its price, he’ll consider competitors. When trying to exit your store’s tab, a popup appears promptly. A message offering a discount changes his mind to place an order.

E-commerce Payments

Enhancing overall brand experience quality and deemphasizing transactional e-commerce steps let customers focus on gains instead of losses. Invisible payments support instant gratification, especially among the coveted on-demand millennial generation. Completing seamless purchases with minimal delays satisfies shoppers’ desire for immediacy, shortening the buying cycle.

E-Complish’s e-commerce solutions ensure online payment convenience for your website. Faster transaction processing will decrease your firm’s overhead costs. Our automated PCI-compliant systems meet the foremost security standards. HostPay lets customers check out quickly. RecurPay handles repeat remittances, improving cash flow. BatchPay uploads and processes masses of individual amounts instantly with just one click.

Mobile Habits


Forecasters see mobile users climbing to 5.5 billion globally by 2020, up from 2015’s 4.8 billion. Consumers keep multiple devices handy, so portable payments are obvious choices. Some search products, find best prices, and read reviews on smartphones or tablets. Then they switch to laptops for purchases. Others reverse that device order. Relying more on handheld computing and apps during the buying cycle will lead to paying 75 percent of all bills without cash by 2025.

Pollsters found that 66 percent of consumers owning portable devices have handled transactions on them. Visa research indicates that Europeans enlisting handheld tools for frequent payments tripled from 18 percent to 54 since 2015. It predicts that 60 percent of United Kingdom residents will make at least one mobile buy per week by 2020. Another report revealed that American mobile users conducting expenditures on those devices rose from 14 to 39 percent.

Purchaser convenience is key for mobile usage. Happy customers will raise your store’s conversion rate. Entering payment details on small screens can be challenging, so your company’s mobile-friendly platforms must be quick, seamless, and safe to be successful. Optimized processes that simplify transactions reduce abandoned carts.

Frictionless Handheld Checkouts

Investigators found that 86 percent of mobile usage focuses on apps with just 14 percent involving websites. Those statistics might sway you to prioritize processing app-based purchases. Simplifying checkouts without distractions like misleading buttons is vital. Requesting essential information only helps clients pay in mere seconds. Mobile shoppers want quick taps to complete sales to avoid lengthy data entries. Living fast, they pass up time wasters in favor of speedy purchases.

Transaction necessities include:

  • Easy, convenient payments anywhere and anytime
  • Streamlined order flow minimizing customer input
  • User-friendly accessibility without needless elements and other disruptions
  • Data storage bringing up card details, skipping account reentry step for every purchase

E-Complish’s handy MobilePay lets consumers settle secure encrypted purchases quickly on their favorite portable devices via your customized app or website. Provide to scan credit cards, speeding pay with smartphone transactions. Customers just hold cards over phone cameras. The clever add-on fills in account numbers and expiration dates automatically. This convenient feature’s security measures include never photographing or storing card images and data, protecting sensitive personal information.