Creative Ways to Raise E-Commerce Conversions


Are you eager to improve your e-commerce store’s conversion rate? Researchers and online merchants have based proven business and website design strategies on extensive data and practical experience. Their advice will increase your company’s Internet purchases and thus your revenue.

Limit Choices

Excess online offerings can distract or confuse visitors. Greater options inflate their chances of choosing nothing. Help shoppers spot your best choice and value quickly by making it obvious. If you offer a wide range of items, modify your search filters to narrow down possibilities and expedite the selection process.

Display In-Stock Status

Whenever just a few items remain in any product line, display the in-stock number to inspire faster purchasing. Patrons will appreciate being able to discover merchandise availability conveniently.

Showcase Payment Forms

All buyers who like to pay with anything besides standard MasterCard and Visa credit cards need to find out if your online store accepts their preferred payment method. Positioning logos in the same location on every page so they’re easy to notice will keep some people browsing while also increasing order totals.

Emphasize Call-to-Action Messages

Bold “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” call-to-action (CTA) buttons help users move through your purchasing stages easily. Place those messages on search result and category pages whenever appropriate to reduce clicks to additional pages. Legible directions must stand out — not blend in with — backgrounds. Effective CTAs improve customer experiences and speed up shopping while ensuring that consumers take the desired steps to boost sales.

Welcome Guest Purchasers

A quarter of patrons will abandon their online carts when e-commerce sites force them to create accounts. If your visitors must sign up to order, you are losing countless potential conversions. A study that replaced a CTA button’s “Register” message with “Continue” increased revenue by a whopping $300 million.

Streamline Checkout

Cart abandonment risks rise with each extra user step. The fewer personal details buyers must enter to check out, the better. Some can’t spend long periods completing complex forms. Others won’t provide so much sensitive information. So review your checkout data closely to omit all unessential fields.

Offer No-Charge Delivery

Various studies rank free shipping among the strongest purchasing motivators. Up to 61 percent of shoppers would abandon carts unless sites offer that option. Free delivery was the preferred persuader for 80 percent of American consumers. Providing that advantage at checkout will yield a lead over your competition. If $0 shipping is too costly for all customers, reserve it for everyone who reaches a specific amount.

Display conspicuous “Free Shipping” notifications by products and CTAs. If you base this perk on a pre-set order subtotal, designate its availability near every item exceeding that threshold. Two tactics will encourage buying greater quantities or additional goods. List your no-charge delivery’s minimum total amount in descriptions for less expensive merchandise. Include notices indicating that shoppers are just a few dollars short of qualifying for free shipping.

Simplify Transactions

E-Complish’s HostPay is a handy, cost-saving solution that speeds up e-commerce credit card processing. Our programmers can customize it to complement your website design and branding. This secure Level 1 PCI-compliant service authorizes purchases charged to all major credit cards quickly in real time. Then patrons receive confirmation emails and receipts instantly.

Choose Motivational Colors

If your website features your corporate logo colors, your CTA, checkout, and submit buttons don’t need to match. Much research shows that colors are deciding factors for which products most Internet shoppers choose. One firm attributed 21 percent greater conversions with red CTA buttons, compared to green ones. Red shades from vibrant to muted trigger strong emotions like excitement, energy, passion, action, and desire.

Go Mobile

Optimizing your e-commerce store for mobile users increases device access and sales. One of every three shoppers completes Internet purchases on a smartphone. Most exit websites that don’t load properly. Without a portable version with a responsive design that adapts to multiple screen sizes, you forfeit untold potential customers.

Build Trust

A respectable internet image is key when virtual interactions replace in-person ones. Providing ample business information will make your website look professional and credible. Display your company’s physical and mailing addresses, map, phone and fax numbers, email, and social media links on every page. Post building and staff photos to strengthen your firm’s legitimacy. Security seals, testimonials with photos of customers exhibiting product benefits, and user reviews can raise your conversions significantly.