E-Complish Celebrates 15 Years


15 anniversary

If you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve added a new feature to our website called, “Timeline.” With Timeline, you can sort through our company’s history and discover not only when we released our payment solutions and hit major company milestones, but also learn a little more about us as well. Take a look below at a few of our biggest milestones, and then head over to our Timeline page to learn more. Help us celebrate our 15 years by looking at our history.

July 1st, 1998

We opened our company with only $100 investment with the simple idea that payments can be made easier, more convenient, and more secure. We now have 15 years of innovative payment solutions behind us to prove that our little idea turned into a big success.

August 1st, 1998

On this date we created our first IVR system for a Fortune 500 telecom. Our phone payment systems have gone through 15 years of research and planning to make them the smartest and most intuitive on the market. Take a look at our infographic, which breaks down our findings.

May 1st, 2000

Less than two years after we founded our company, we hit a huge milestone. Over $1 billion in payments processed. It goes without saying that $1 billion is a lot of money. Check out this infographic to see what $1 billion dollars means.

January 1st, 2001

After the turn of the century, we developed a new way to pay. Developed to meet the growing demand of e-commerce sites, HostPay, a web-payment portal, went live to tremendous success. Head over to our Solutions page to learn more about HostPay.

April 1st, 2003

After the success of our IVR and HostPay payment systems, we set about creating an all-in-one payment center called VirtualPay. Watch a short video on how it all comes together to make payments easier on our VirtualPay page.

September 1st, 2010

As we demonstrated in our infographic, mobile payment has changed the landscape of the payment industry. One of the first companies to supply a mobile payment solution, E-Complish released MobilePay to meet this rising demand. Learn all about this solution on the MobilePay page.