E-Complish Customers Not at Risk for “Poodle” Bug


Every day, payment providers like E-Complish strive to make websites and online transactions more secure, and every day, hackers and cybercriminals attempt to discover new ways around the security features we implement. In October, a new security flaw was discovered in the Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL), a security certification used by most e-commerce websites to protect consumer transactions. While this flaw is only accessible in websites running version 3.0, it still had a wide-ranging and dramatic effect on the safety of consumer information.

According to Krebs on Security, “When you visit a site that begins with “https://” you can be sure that the data that gets transmitted between that site and your browser cannot be read by anyone else. That is, unless those sites are still allowing traffic over SSL 3.0, in which case an attacker could exploit the POODLE bug to decrypt and extract information from inside an encrypted transaction — including passwords, cookies and other data that can be used to impersonate the legitimate user.”

Some of the country’s largest financial institutions, including Bank of America, Chase, and CitiBank are vulnerable to the Poodle bug, according to Krebs, and until these websites path their software, there’s nothing their customers can do to ensure their information’s security. If you’re currently a customer of any of these institutions, request more information to learn when a patch is expected, and look out for notifications that the bug has been fixed.


E-Complish strives to provide its customers with the latest technology and updates to ensure secure transactions for our customers and yours. Because we constantly work to ensure our transactions are 100% safe, we have already updated out SSL certifications beyond the vulnerable 3.0. None of our customers or transactions have ever been vulnerable to the bug.

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