Embracing the Exciting Future of Mobile Payments

Because mobile devices boost Internet and app access and productivity, digitally empowered purchasers are driving payment industry modernizations. They expect fast, convenient, hassle-free options to match their on-the-move lifestyles. Americans made 23 percent of 2015 mobile transactions on smartphones and 8 percent on tablets, researchers report. Holiday shopping created huge upsurges. Portable devices scored big on Black Friday, amassing 57.2 percent of Web traffic and 36.2 percent of e-commerce sales.

Marketer Aaron Strout forecasts those 2016 numbers to exceed 67 and 50 percent, respectively. He foresees an upward trajectory as this year progresses. Forrester researchers predict mobile purchases could reach an estimated $90 billion by 2017 in America. If you haven’t upgraded to that popular alternative transaction method, review the key considerations for your businesses to receive payments via handheld devices.

Future of Mobile Payments

Prioritize Acceptance

Merchants must meet the growing need for mobile transaction solutions to retain existing customers, attract new patrons, keep pace with technology, and compete with rivals. Evaluate your buyer demand by determining how mobile payment integration would relate to your overall revenue. Assess your e-commerce volume. If mobile website traffic increased dramatically during the last six to 12 months, make adding this purchasing method a key priority. Even if mobile business hasn’t been a major resource, having it in place will attract prospects looking for that option.

Streamline User Experiences

Simplify the sales process, expedite checkout flow, and optimize for mobile transactions to remove obstacles that might hinder conversions. When paying becomes easier for mobile-focused consumers, you’re likely to gain more users, fuller shopping carts, extra impulse purchases, and fewer unfinished sales. Mobile integration makes the speedy remittance process painless. Its intuitive simplicity could help your business draw in new clients.

Adopt MobilePay Solution

Future of Mobile Payments

E-Complish offers MobilePay as a progressive way to improve your credit card merchant services. This user interface allows your customers to conduct transactions via the Internet or apps on their smartphones and tablets. They can pay you anytime from anywhere quickly and easily with major credit cards as well as business or personal bank accounts. Thanks to real-time processing, your transactions will roll in at amazingly fast rates.

DevConnect merges MobilePay with any existing mobile app to add extra features. MobilePay offers Card.io integration for the super easy convenience of entering credit card information via smartphone cameras. E-Complish will custom-build your payment platform to include every application on your unique wish list. We don’t charge setup fees — just a percentage of every transaction.

Examine Security Issues

Personal data protection and security are major buyer and seller concerns. Knowing the security measures your mobile payment option provides will increase your confidence while improving your company’s customer service responses to such questions.

By adhering to Level 1 PCI compliance, MobilePay certifies that all encrypted transactions are secure. Card.io technology doesn’t save credit card images or data to safeguard personal user information.

Instigate Service Now

Technological innovations and improvements are inevitable in our modern business world. Mobile transactions will be the norm for future generations, so acceptance is vital. You’ll provide more convenience and versatility for shoppers. Offering the latest high-tech advancements can enhance your market positioning and revenue growth.

The sooner you adopt this practice, the faster you’ll outpace your competitors. Embrace this exciting option today to help advance the mobile transformation, ride this growing purchasing trend to build your business, and profit from the resulting sales increases.

Offer Loyalty Programs

Think about rewarding patrons who utilize your platform to encourage mobile transactions. Promotional deals and discounts may incentivize consumers. Such perks could inspire your customer base to make larger purchases.

According to an Accenture study, incentives like instant coupons would prompt 60 percent of buyers to make mobile payments more often than they do already. Some consumers would disclose personal data to collect such value adds. Imagine the client engagement that coveted information could inspire.

Promote Your New Option

Inform shoppers and website visitors about your new mobile transaction method and rewards. Busy patrons appreciate new ways to pay their bills more efficiently, so stress the value of your platform’s timesaving simplicity and convenience. Announce your latest option across top social media outlets, preferably the ones your mobile customer base frequents. Provide a mini tutorial for less tech-savvy users on your site. Make the process seem so effortless that even older generations will jump on board.