How To: Avoid Running out of Money in Retirement

With the U.S. life expectancy for men and women reaching well beyond the “golden years” and into the ’80s, financial “death” has become more pressing issue than real death. We rounded up some thoughts and tips from around the web, offered by both financial experts and writers.

CNBC’s Personal Finance correspondent, Sharon Epperson, says those living some 20 years beyond retirement age must look to lesser traditional investment moves such as investing in stocks over bonds and taking more risk. Alternative investments, usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy; wine, art and books, may be under consideration as well.

With the change in economic landscape in the U.S., many baby boomers must begin to consider a decent retirement over a decadent one. This piece by CNBC’s Dina Wisenberg Brin takes a look at the effects and impact of the financial crisis on all generations, with an emphasis on how baby boomers will rise to the challenge.