Meeting the Need For Debit Card Funding Speed


No one can deny that today’s consumers want what they want when they want it—including any payments, refunds, and rebates owed to them. At the same time, businesses want and need to move away from the effort, expense, and worry of issuing checks or ACH payments to customers. E-Complish recognizes these trends and is addressing them with the addition of Push2Card, a solution that enables direct disbursement of payments and refunds directly to consumers’ U.S. debit card accounts in real-time—or close to it.

Meeting the Need For Debit Card Funding Speed

Easy setup and implementation, with no special requirements for use, ranks among several features and benefits that make Push2Card an appealing alternative to other funds disbursement solutions. Working in tandem with E-Complish’s VirtualPay web payments offering, Push2Card harnesses existing card network rails and bank/acquirer systems. Integration through a single application programming interface (API) and VirtualPay allows funds to be sent to any U.S. financial institution. Consumers have access to these funds immediately or shortly after the disbursement is initiated—no wait for checks to arrive in the mail and clear through the Federal Reserve System.

Airtight security, afforded in part by Level One compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), also makes Push2Card a compelling alternative to other funds disbursement solutions. Consumers need not provide bank routing numbers, and funds are disbursed using debit card account numbers, adding another layer of security and alleviating any worries about stolen account information. Just as important, neither consumers nor businesses need to worry about the possibility that checks could be lost in the mail or, even worse, misappropriated before they reach their destination.

What’s more, Push2Card gives businesses enhanced control over funds disbursement and saves time, labor, and money by eliminating or minimizing the volume of checks mailed to consumers. It’s an excellent fit for a wide range of businesses seeking to disburse payments, including government agencies (for tax and other refunds), finance companies (for loan-funding), and merchants (for rebates and returns). Finally, businesses achieve the sharper competitive edge and increased customer loyalty and satisfaction that come from allowing customers immediate access to their funds.

At E-Complish, we are committed to providing our customers and clients with efficient, highly secure payment processing solutions, and to affording these customers and clients a secure payment experience for every customer, client, and patient they serve.

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