Mobile Apps: The Next Wave of Payment Processing

Looking for ways to make things quicker and convenient?

Owning a business is no small task. Between managing the everyday happenings of a business, its materials, the staff and the finances of the business, many business owners are constantly looking for ways to make things quicker and more convenient for both themselves and their customers. While there are a number of strategies that can be used to achieve that goal, one option that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of a mobile phone application, usable with smartphones, to submit a payment to a business. There are multiple reasons why businesses are beginning to rely on this method of payment.

Mobile Apps

Business Size

One of the most significant reasons why business owners are interested in using mobile applications to allow payments to be made is the volume of business that they are doing. When a business is extremely busy, time is saved for both employees and customers when payment is able to be made using a mobile app. Time spent waiting in line is decreased and staff can focus on getting their work done instead of handling payment processing. Dealing with payment processing is a primary focus for any business that provides a service to others, and finding a method of payment processing that is efficient and safe is very important to a business. When a business works with a reputable company that provides payment processing through a smartphone app, they save time and decrease fraud.

Decrease Paper Usage

Another great reason for a business owner to consider using a mobile app to accept payments plays into the constant effort of businesses to be more environmentally conscious. When a customer can pay via a smartphone app, no paper needs to change hands. Using less paper decreases the carbon footprint of both the business and the consumer. Consumers who are ecologically conscious may be drawn to a mobile payment option for just that reason.


With a mobile payment app, distance is no barrier between a customer and a business. If a customer needs to pay a bill for a service or item while they’re across town or even in another state or country, simply being able to open a mobile app and submit their payment saves time for everyone involved. One example of this would be a customer who is out of the state on a lengthy business trip but wants their home landscaping to be maintained. By arranging a transaction with a landscaping company that has a mobile application and paying for the service in that manner, the business receives payment and can complete the requested service and the customer can rest easy knowing that they won’t be coming home to dead flowers and an overgrown lawn to mow.

Mobile payment applications that work on smartphones and tablets are rapidly growing in popularity and will likely soon be a universal way of doing business with larger entities. For a business owner with a hefty volume of customers and a lot of payments to process, choosing the option of a smartphone payment app can be a serious benefit.