Payment Solutions Provider Partnerships: A Lucky Cure For Healthcare Competition Madness

Handling HIPAA : A Lucky Cure For Healthcare Competition Madness

From physicians’ and dentists’ offices to clinics and laboratories, healthcare systems and providers have long relied on offering the most up-to-date treatments and using the best technologies to differentiate themselves from the pack. But doing this and only this in an increasingly competitive healthcare market is madness—“March madness,” and “any time-of-the-year” madness. Increasingly, patients seem to be just as concerned about the privacy of their healthcare data and just as desirous of ways to quickly and easily pay for their healthcare as they are about the quality of that care. Instead of leaving it all to chance and hoping for the best of luck, the time is ripe to seek help from a reliable payment solutions and services partner.

Handling HIPAA

Assistance in complying withthe 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—HIPAA for short—is one thing payment solutions and service providers like E-Complish can provide to healthcare entities. HIPAA prescribes a set of physical, network, and process security standards that must be met in order to safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI), and any entity that handles PHI must adhere to it. Patients are increasingly aware of this fact—and most prefer to trust their care to healthcare providers that are HIPAA-compliant.

E-Complish is fully HIPAA-compliant and works with its healthcare market customers to ensure that they achieve and maintain their own HIPAA compliance. This not only sharpens healthcare providers’ competitive edge; it also minimizes or eliminates the likelihood of running afoul of HIPAA. That’s a good thing, because violating HIPAA can result not only in substantial fines and/or the filing of criminal charges or a civil action lawsuit resulting from a breach of PHI, but also in the type of reputational damage that sends patients packing.

Partnering with a payment solutions and service provider such as E-Complish also allows healthcare providers to offer payment options that give them a sharper competitive edge by satisfying patients’ ever-rising demand for convenience and security in handling their bills. For example, DirectPay, E-Complish’s interactive voice response solution, is computer-based and interacts with customers via phone touch tone and voice recognition. Patients need not wait for assistance from a staff member to complete a payment. Instead, they can do so over the phone 24/7, following the instructions in one of several pre-recorded messages and using one of a wide variety of payment types to cover their care. If you have older patients or patients that are bi-lingual, then these patients are more likely to utilize a pay-by-phone system like DirectPay.

What’s more, teaming up with a payment solutions and service company helps healthcare entities go beyond luck, avoid payment processing madness, and keep a leg up on the competition by rolling out payment options that harness the Internet and the convenience it, too, affords to patients.  Consider E-Complish’s HostPay. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and similar healthcare providers can link their website to a fully customized HostPay site that looks and feels exactly like your website – HostPay is designed to look and feel like you so the patient feels comfortable in who they are paying. This is not a web portal with a slapped on logo. Patients wishing to pay their bill need only log on to the healthcare provider’s website and click the link to remit what they owe. The payment experience is quick and seamless, filling patients’ need for payment speed and keeping them out of competitors’ doors through a streak of something other than luck. Added bonus: Payments made through a web-based system of this type are settled quickly and securely, in real time and on Level One PCI-compliant servers. There’s no denying it: A partnership with a payment solutions and service provider clearly enables healthcare providers of all kinds to do a better job of keeping patients in the fold. Take the first step to teaming up with E-Complish here.