Retrying and/or Failed Processing Status: What Do I Do?

There are those occasions when the status of a customer’s transaction reflects something out of the ordinary.

Retrying and/or Failed Processing Status

Most likely you are viewing a status of “Retrying” or “Failed Processing.” Although you will rarely see these statuses, it’s important to understand what they represent and how you should respond when you see them.

Retrying Status:

Retrying means E-Complish could not connect to the end-processor at the original time of processing and it will be retried again, (up to 20 times more). You should DO NOTHING here, but keep checking back. If more than 24 hours has gone by and the transaction is still in the status of Retrying, then contact E-Complish Support to double check what is going on with that particular transaction.

Failed Processing Status:

Failed Processing means we ARE NOT retrying the transaction. The transaction encountered a communication error when it was submitted to the end-processor. In this scenario, E-Complish connected with the end-processor but the end-processor never responded back. At this point, the transaction must be investigated. If E-Complish has not previously reached out to you about an issue that would cause a potential failed transaction, you should contact E-Complish to investigate whether your failed transaction was indeed processed or not.

Please Note:

In either scenario, a new transaction SHOULD NOT</strong be taken until you’ve spoken heard from E-Complish.

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