Google Change and Potential Warnings

Effective March 15, 2018, Google Version 66 Beta 

Starts SSL Pop-Up Security Warnings

This is an Informational Notice Only

Effective tomorrow, March 15, 2018, Google will be releasing a Beta version of their browser (Version 66). Version 66 specifically deprecates Chrome’s trust in the Symantec certificate authority (including Symantec-owned brands like Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL). Sites using any of these SSL certificates, (the security certificates that secure a website and its communication), will be served up a pop-up warning that the web user must choose to proceed or close out of the browser.

More information about this Google plan can be read HERE.


Although we feel there is a very small percentage of consumers that would be using the Google Beta version 66, it should be noted that E-Complish is using a RapidSSL certificate. Consumers that do download the Beta version 66, tomorrow, would be affected when coming to a website that is hosted on one of our servers at *

Going Forward:

At this time, we are actively testing a new SSL certificate on our Development Environment before the LIVE version 66 goes into effect on April 17, 2018. We will be announcing a night-time maintenance window in the near future to install the new certificate.

If you hear of consumers getting a warning pop-up, they can simply click on “ADVANCED” and trust the certificate to proceed.

Please note, this issue is only affecting Google browser version 66. No other browsers, (Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.) are affected.

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