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E-Complish Reliable & Secure Facilities

As an E-Complish customer, you can rest assured that your applications are being hosted at the most reliable and secure facilities.

IVR Facility: Rest easy knowing that our IVR hosted facility features a modular design, allowing us to expand any time we add a customer or expect a spike in call volume. With 24/7 monitoring and multiple layers of backups, downtime is a virtual impossibility.

Web Application Facility: Featuring all the benefits of the IVR facility, our Web Application facility has the added bonus of running on the San Diego military power grid, guaranteeing operation even in the unlikely event of a city-wide power outage.

Server Uptime: We have taken every possible measure to ensure that our servers are up and running at all times. From spare T1 circuits to data storage and retention, we have all the bases covered.

Server Architecture: E-Complish’s server architecture is designed so that errors are reported, logged an addressed rapidly and efficiently. There are also layers of backups to safeguard against any power issues or overloads.