E-Complish Notify: Get Connected With E-Complish for System Notices, Maintenance or Emergencies

Introducing E-Complish Notify!

E-Complish Notify Logo

E-Complish Notify is a new notification system that will notify you by E-Mail, SMS/Text, and even Slack! This new system is aptly named ‘E-Complish Notify’. E-Complish Notify It is an enrollment system. Meaning, you have to enroll before you can receive notifications from E-Complish about system events, maintenance, outages, upgrades, etc…
E-Complish Notify

Enroll Now!!

  1. To enroll, Click Here to be taken to the E-Complish System Status Page.
  2. Then click on the blueGet Updates’ button at the top right corner of the page to reveal a drop-down menu.
  3. The drop-down menu will be present you with options for Email, Slack and SMS options of notification. You choose!
  4. You can be notified by all three forms of notification, just one, or two. It is up to you!
  5. Alternatively, if you do not want to enroll in E-Complish Notify, you can always visit our System Status page from time-to-time too.

E-Complish Notify Can Notify You Via…

  • Email
  • Text/SMS (text message rates apply)
  • Slack (this is an instant message system)

Enroll to be Notified of Events like:

  • Scheduled/Emergency Maintenance
  • System events, Slowness, Outages and Upgrades
  • Security Notices

NOTE: You will need to enroll in E-Complish Notify to be notified of future Support/System Events by E-Complish.