Payment Processing Solutions

E-Complish provides multiple customized applications to satisfy the needs of payment acceptance, processing and e-commerce.

HostPay: Secure Transactions for E-Commerce Websites

HostPay: Secure Transactions Online

Our HostPay payment system simplifies secure transactions for all e-commerce websites, allowing you to accept credit card, check, and ACH payments. HostPay can be used as a standalone solution, or it can be integrated with your current website and allow you to customize the digital environment for secure transactions.

Through 128-bit SSL encryption and PCI compliance, your customers’ data remains secure. With HostPay, you can immediately improve your e-commerce websites, simplifying the customer checkout process. Improve your business, elevate the satisfaction of your customers, and sell more than ever with secure e-commerce websites powered by HostPay.

Benefits of HostPay

HostPay by E-Complish is designed to make the customer shopping experience quick and satisfying, with beautifully designed navigation, an intuitive customer journey, and an easy checkout process to keep customers coming back. Branded confirmation emails are sent upon payment receipt, and a comprehensive reporting system gives your business more insights into payment data to enhance your offerings.

All your business needs to do is simply link our payment site to your website, and your web visitors can start shopping. With customizable design options, you can turn your HostPay site into one that seamlessly blends into and works with your existing site. You reap the benefits of a top professional e-commerce site with a superior checkout process that will reduce cart abandonment.

One of the most important aspects of the HostPay by E-Complish e-commerce service is the top industry grade PCI-compliant security we offer. You can count on secured transactions online that are encrypted and protected from data thieves and hackers, and that include CVV verification and address verification. Your system is safeguarded by our security experts, and constant automatic, proactive monitoring wards off threats to your business and your customers. With HostPay, customer data is never compromised.

Features of HostPay for E-Commerce

With experience in payment processing you can count on since our founding in 1998, the E-Complish team is passionate about creating hosted online payment you and your customers will love to use. Features of HostPay include:

  • Simple setup and implementation
  • Customization for your branding and design specifications
  • Payment processing in real time on Level One PCI-compliant servers
  • Delivery of customized email responses and receipts to customers upon purchase
  • Easy processing for existing credit card data and/or manual entry for transactions from other sources in the back end
  • Ability to authorize transactions, authorize and capture payments, or offer refunds
  • Acceptance of all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners, EnRoute, and JCB
  • Full integration with MobilePay, VirtualPay, RecurPay, Text2Pay, EDoc, and EBPP

Get HostPay for Your Website Now

Our payment system is perfect for merchants who want amazing e-commerce capabilities on their websites without the cost or stress of creating a custom solution from scratch. With HostPay, you save money on transaction processing, offer customers an e-commerce solution they can trust, and improve payment efficiency to boost your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how E-Complish HostPay can benefit your business, we’re here to help. Contact us online for information on HostPay, or call us toll-free at 888-847-7744.