BatchPay – Process Thousands of Payments Using a Single Uploaded File

The days of manually entering thousands of credit card transactions by hand are over. BatchPay is a secure, reliable tool that will save your company valuable time and money by allowing you to upload batches of thousands of transactions with a single click. BatchPay easily integrates with other E-Complish solutions using the VirtualPay all-in-one system.


  • Ability to process thousands of transactions per upload
  • Advanced security measures, including our entire Fraud Detection Suite
  • File format uploads tailored to your needs
  • Easy access to account information and reports
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sequential uploads of numerous files
  • Detailed transaction reports, which can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel
  • Status tracking for batch transactions
  • Superior service and support


  • No development work required
  • Saves time on credit card transaction processing
  • Reconciles accounts quicker, resulting in lower costs and time spent
  • Integrates with cash, check or other payments using VirtualPay, our all-in-one online payments console.

Who Should Use It?

Merchants that:

  • Currently, use a program that results in a batch file of credit card transactions
  • Want to securely store user’s credit card data in their own systems
  • Communicate transaction information over the phone to the bank
  • Are seeking a more efficient method of processing batch transactions
  • Need more robust reports for the results of batch files

Use BatchPay alone or together with your other payment solutions using VirtualPay, E-Complish’s integrated online payment management system.