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Enteract: Outbound Calling Services to Reach Customers


Part of any automated IVR phone payment essentials for businesses should include reliable and accurate outbound calling services that allow you to connect with customers at any time. EnterAct from E-Complish is a compliant tool that enables payment processing functionality, which gets your business payments more quickly while improving customer satisfaction.

With EnterAct, you can contact customers for payments or call them with messages regarding their payments. This is all done automatically using computer technology, which reduces the need for your business to hire more staff or train employees. Payments can be collected through EnterAct 24/7, which can improve the number of payments you receive because the service is so convenient for customers. EnterAct easily integrates with our IVR system DirectPay and our all-in-one payment portal, VirtualPay.

Features of EnterAct

Outbound calling services through EnterAct are accurate, easy to implement, and simple for customers to use. Some of the benefits of EnterAct include:

  • Make outbound phone calls to customers automatically. You only need to set the schedule to get your calls to customers rolling. Debt collection and payment reconciliation processes are simplified and executed more quickly.
  • Process transactions, take event bookings or sell products in real-time. Increase the amount of business you can conduct with automated technology.
  • Customize the messages and prompts your customers will hear. You’re not limited to what you can say with EnterAct. From the greeting to the path you take customers on while they’re interacting with your service, you can personalize the messaging to make EnterAct the most efficient it can possibly be for your business.
  • Interact with customers, just like a live person would. EnterAct outbound calling services adapt the customer journey based on their unique responses to the system. Customers feel like they’re being heard, as the prompts accurately reflect their interactions with your brand.
  • Easily integrate with DirectPay and VirtualPay. Eliminate the need to install and move to a new system. Power up your automated IVR phone payment essentials with the unique capabilities of personalized and automated outbound calling.
  • Review robust transaction reporting. Compared to manual reports created by customer service representatives that may not paint a clear picture of your transaction collections, EnterAct automatically populates customer interactions into reports that help you analyze and improve your operations.
  • Ensure compliance is followed. EnterAct provides NACHA compliant ACH processing and follows Level One PCI Compliant regulations to protect the personal information of your customers and the data of your business.

Outbound IVR by E-Complish

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There’s no cost to install EnterAct, and your business can get started with it right away. Improve communications with your customers, and make your business finances more secure with debt and past-due payment collection that gets a boost from automated technology.

Get a Free Outbound Calling Consultation

Recovering payments for your business can create hassle, strife, and stress for your staff. Using EnterAct outbound calling services helps your business since communication can happen more quickly and the automated system is easy for customers to use. If you have been searching for a solution that gets you past-due payments more quickly while negating the need to chase down customers and waste precious resources at your business, EnterAct has the potential to greatly help your business.

To learn how EnterAct can fulfill your unique requirements, get a free outbound calling services consultation here. You can also give us a call at 888-847-7744 to talk with one of our friendly representatives and learn how E-Complish can improve your business payment transactions.

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E-Complish has been a trusted leader in payment processing technology since 1998. Our expertise expands into and outbound IVR solution that is second-to-none. Increase ROI and operate your business more efficiently to increase your bottom line.

When you use the E-Complish IVR solution, we’ll work with you to get up and running as soon as possible to a solution that meets your unique business requirements. Contact our team online and extend an outbound IVR solution today, or call toll-free at 888-850-5318 during normal business hours.