• July 1999 - E-Complish is Born

    E-Complish Opens with $100 in Investment and an Idea for Collecting Payments without Costly Call Centers.

  • August 1999 - First DirectPay IVR System is Created

    1st DirectPay IVR System is Created for Fortune 100 Telecom to Collect Payments and Place Outbound Calls before Taking a Payment over the Phone was Popular! Talk about Being in the Right Place at the Right Time!

  • February 2000 - $1 Billion Processed

    $1 Billion Payment Processing Milestone Surpassed for all E-Complish Systems. Whoop Whoop!

  • January 2001 - HostPay is Launched

    HostPay Web-Payment Portal Developed to Answer New E-Commerce Push. New Server Pool Placed in Rochester, NY Data Center to Handle Demand. The Internet is Growing!

  • September 2001 - 9/11 Tragedy

    9/11 attacks of the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 occurred in Somerset County, PA. E-Complish weathers the chaos!

  • March 2003 - War in Iraq

    The Iraq War officially begins… (enough said on this subject!). E-Complish deals with clients and our own uncertainty.

  • April 2003 - VirtualPay is Launched

    VirtualPay Hosted, PCI/HIPAA Compliant Call-Center System is Developed to Manage Multi-Payment Channels and Reporting – Reps Love Us!

  • July 2004 - Freedom Tower Rises in NYC

    July 4, 2004 – The groundbreaking ceremony for the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero occurs. Built on the former site of the World Trade Center complex, Freedom Tower rises 1,776 feet, symbolizing America’s triumph over evil. E-Complish and Team are elated!!

  • June 2005 - $20 Billion Processed

    More than $20 Billion Processed via PCI/HIPAA Compliant IVR, WEB and Representatives. Gotta Love Technology! – No More Snail Mail!!

  • August 2005 - Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast, inundating the city of New Orleans with water from Lake Pontchartrain when the levees that maintain the below-sea-level city break. Over 1,300 people perish from Alabama to Louisiana in one of the worst natural disasters to strike the United States.

  • October 2006 - U.S. Reaches 300 Million People

    The population of the United States reaches a milestone of 300 Million. Studies show it took around 40 years to gain one hundred million people. Wow!

  • January 2007 - Green Day Established

    Come to Work Green Day Established to Remind Us of Spring…We REALLY HATE Shoveling Snow.

  • September 2008 - Market Crash

    The stock market crash of 2008 was the largest single-day drop (777.68 points), in history up to that point. The aftermath of this catastrophic financial event wiped out big chunks of Americans’ retirement savings and affected the economy long after the stock market recovered. E-Complish survives as a reliable Payment Platform with a large cash reserve.

  • December 2008 - Company Trip to Hawaii

    Company Trip to Hawaii (Yeah, that Really Happened), to Celebrate Hitting a $50 Billion in Payment Processing Milestone. We are Glad to Report that No Sunburns Occurred…

  • January 2009 - First African-American President Elected

    Barack Obama takes the oath of office for President of the United States, becoming the first African-American president in the history of the nation. The city of Washington, D.C. hosts more than one million visitors to the inauguration, covering the National Mall in a way reminiscent of the Civil Rights March of Martin Luther King forty-six years earlier.

  • June 2009 - H1N1 Virus Pandemic

    The H1N1 virus, named the Swine Flu, is deemed a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. This is the first such designation since the Hong Kong flu in 1967-1968.

  • October 2009 - Economic Recession Continues

    The economic recession continues to deepen as jobless claims climb above 10.0%, reaching 10.2% with October’s monthly figures. This occurs despite efforts by the Obama administration to ramp up massive government spending pushed by the $780 billion economic stimulus package passed earlier in the year. E-Complish doubles down on spending cuts and a strong cash balance philosophy.

  • February 2010 - MobilePay is Launched

    E-Complish Develops the First MobilePay Application for Major Electrical Utility to Answer the Mobile Revolution Push. Watch out Desktops! Mobile Phones are the “New Kids on the Block.” Sorry for the Bad 80’s Reference!!

  • April 2010 - BP Oil Spill

    A British Petroleum, (BP), deepwater oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the largest oil spill in the history of the United States, killing eleven workers, and devastating the environment. It also severely damaged the fishing and tourism industries of the gulf states.

  • February 2011 - PaySecure is launched

    E-Complish Rolls Out Secure PIN-based Debit Processing, Aptly Named PaySecure. Unfortunately, this Service Turned Out to be a Bust! Not all plans work out! 🙁

  • May 2011 - Osama Bin Laden Killed

    May 2, 2011 – Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and other locations, and leader of the terrorist group, Al-Queda, is killed during a raid by U.S. Navy Seals on his hideout location in Pakistan. Hooyah!!

  • October 2012 - Hurricane Sandy

    October 29, 2012 – Hurricane Sandy, taking an unusual track up the East Coast and coming to landfall on the New Jersey coast near Atlantic City and Long Island coasts of New York creates significant damage to coastal towns as well as the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island. It is estimated at $65.6 billion in damage. The hurricane, at its peak a Category 2 storm, was the largest storm in recorded history by diameter at 1,100 miles.

  • January 2013 - $120 Billion Processed

    $120 Billion Thresholds Surpassed in Payment Processing for E-Complish Clients. We are Loving the Confidence Our Clients are Placing in Us!

  • April 2013 - Boston Marathon Bombings

    April 15, 2013 – Two bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds in a terrorism attack coordinated by two brothers associated with radical Islam. The attack caused the shutdown of the city as police and federal officials searched and apprehended the suspects within four days of the attack.

  • October 2013 - EBPP (Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment) is Launched

    E-Complish Develops its Own Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment that Integrates with VirtualPay so Reps can See What’s Going On Too! It’s Cheaper, Faster, Stronger and Bionic. Not Just a PDF Bill, but Secure Payment Too! No More Paper…Trees Love Us!

  • March 2014 - Text2Pay is Launched

    SMS/Text Reminders and Payments are Here! Text2Pay Provides Consumers a Text Message When Bills are Due as a Reminder Service or as a Reminder and Payment Service. To Make a Payment, All They do is Text Back Their PIN Number and a Payment is Auto-Debited from Their Wallet They Created Online! And NO, They Never Enter Credit Card or Bank Accounts via Text. That Would Just be Dumb.

  • July 2014 - Happy 15th Year! E-Complish Rebrands

    In Honor of Our 15th Year in Business, the Look and Feel of the E-Complish Brand has Undergone a Paint Job! We Opened Our Doors with a $100 Investment and an Idea for Collecting Payments without Costly Call Centers. Fifteen Years Later and Absolutely No Outside Funding, We Have the Same Goal. Here’s to Another 15 Years of Payment Convenience, Security and Payment Acceptance! Now, Where’s the Ice Cream!

  • February 2015 - E-Complish Integrates Card.io

    E-Complish Introduces Card.io Compatibility for MobilePay. Consumers can Take an Image of their Credit Card and BOOM, the Card Info is Entered into the Credit Card Fields. – Note: This Feature is no Longer Available. This was Purchased by PayPal and then Later Resold. We DID Have this – We Swear!

  • January 2016 - E-Complish Integrates PayPal

    E-Complish Hops on the PayPal Bandwagon and Integrates PayPal Into All of its’ Payment Solutions. Yes!

  • July 2016 - EDoc is Launched - No more Waiting for Signed Docs to Initiate Payment Plans!

    Electronic Signatures for Payments? Yep! Works Great for Recurring Telephone-Initiated ACH transactions and More! Customized EDocs for Any Situation with Full Integration to VirtualPay for Call Center Tracking, Approvals and Starting of Recurring Payment Plans After Signed EDOC. No More Waiting for Docs. Just Let the EDOC System Do it for You!

  • November 2016 - The Cubs Win the Series!

    November 2, 2016 – Chicago Cubs win their first World Series since 1908, defeating the Cleveland Indians 4 games to 3. They rebounded from a three to one game deficit for only the sixth time in World Series history. The ‘Curse of Bambino’ is broken!

  • December 2016 - $1 Trillion Milestone Exceeded

    E-Complish Exceeds the $1 Trillion Processing Milestones for the First Time in Company History. Break Out the Champaign!

  • January 2017 - Donald Trump is Inaugurated

    Donald Trump, the flamboyant billionaire businessman from New York with no political or military experience, wins a surprising election over Democratic challenger and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the first woman to run for the highest office from a major party. Electoral victory by Republican Trump, 304 to 227. We didn’t see that coming!!

  • February 2017 - North Korean Missile Crisis

    North Korea fires ballistic missiles over the Sea of Japan, testing the resolve of the world in its attempt to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon. Throughout the year, North Korea continues its provocative tests, firing its first intercontinental ballistic missile, and other nuclear tests, prompting increased sanctions.

  • February 2017 - Print and Mail is Released

    E-Complish Launches Print and Mail Component to Compliment EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment). Yes! There is Still a Need for Snail Mail!!

  • July 2017 - New Website is Launched

    E-Complish’s Website Gets an Update and We Think its Awesome! We Hope You Do Too! But, If You Don’t, that’s OK Too… That’s Why They Make Different Flavors of Ice Cream. 🙂

  • August 2017 - Hurricane Season Like No Other

    Disastrous hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Atlantic seaboard begins with Hurricane Harvey hitting the Houston area, causing $125 billion in damage. It is followed on September 6 with Hurricane Irma, the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history striking Florida, and on September 19, Hurricane Maria strikes Puerto Rico. Those two hurricanes cause over $150 billion in additional damages.

  • January 2018 - $2 Trillion Milestone Exceeded

    E-Complish Exceeds the $2 Trillion Processing Milestones for the First Time. Processing $1 Trillion in a Blazing One Year’s Time. Sweet.

  • May 2018 - E-Complish Triples Systems Infrastructure

    Like a Stealth Ninja, E-Complish Engineers Silently Triple All System Resources with no Client Interruption and Puts in Place Enough Horsepower for, (What We Think is), Years to Come!

  • June 2018 - US and North Korea Summit

    June 11, 2018 – Meetings between the United States President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un become the first summit between leaders of the two nations, with discussions about North Korea giving up its ambitions for nuclear weapons.

  • July 2018 - U.S. Imposes Tariffs Against China

    Tariffs against $34 billion of Chinese goods go into position, with Chinese officials announcing retaliatory tariffs that could signal the largest trade war in history.

  • December 2018 - E-Complish Hits 10-Year Milestone for PCI Compliance

    Since PCI Came Into Existence, E-Complish was There and Compliant. We are Proud to Celebrate Our 10th Year of Being a Level 1 (the Highest Level), PCI-Compliant Service Provider.

  • February 2019 - E-Complish Becomes HIPAA Certified!

    E-Complish has passed (easily we might add), the HIPAA Risk Assessment. We are the Pills for Your Payment Ills…We Know… Bad Joke!

  • April 2009 - Tiger Woods Wins Masters

    April 14, 2019 – Tiger Woods wins his 15th Major at the Masters after eleven years without a victory in one of the four major golf tournaments. On October 28, 2019, Woods ties Sam Snead for the most PGA Tournament victories in a career with 82.

  • May 2019 - Additional Tariffs Against China

    Additional tariffs against China, at twenty-five percent on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, are announced by the Trump Administration in the continued trade war. By December, a First Phase Trade Agreement is announced, but not signed.

  • June 2019 - E-Complish Reports 55% Growth

    We’re Growing, and Growing in a Big Way! E-Complish Reports 55% Growth over the Previous Two Years.

  • July 2019 - Happy 20th Birthday

    Welp, We Did It. We’re 20 Years Old Now. What Started Out as a Dream of Payment Automation has Grown into a Full In-House Studio of Payment Experts that Design and Fulfill Our Clients’ Dreams of Convenient, Secure, Payment Acceptance. We Opened Our Doors with a $100 Investment and an Idea for Collecting Payments without Costly Call Centers. Twenty Years Later and Absolutely No Outside Funding, We Have the Same Goal. So… Where’s the Cake!

  • November 2019 - Stock Market Hits 28,000

    November 15, 2019 – The stock market closes above 28,000 in the Dow Jones Average for the first time, continuing its rise, with twenty-two records, closes throughout the year. It would reach its highest level in history on December 27, 2019.

  • December 2019 - E-Complish Achieves PCI-DSS Compliance

    For the 11th Year in a Row, E-Complish Achieves PCI-DSS 3.2.1 Compliance and is Listed as a Level 1 (the Highest Level), Service Provider.

  • December 2019 - HIPAA Compliance Awarded to E-Complish

    More Compliance Awards? Yep! E-Complish Passes Stringent ePHI Assessment and Achieves HIPPA Compliance. Doctors, Nurses, and Patients Rejoice! No, Not Really, but We Like to Think so… 🙂

  • January 2020 - E-Complish Becomes a Registered Visa Supplier

    E-Complish becomes a Registered Visa Supplier. Now Doing Business with E-Complish Just Became Cheaper. Priceless!

  • March 2020 - COVID-19 Pandemic

    E-Complish survives the COVID-19 Pandemic by forcing all employees, contractors, and partners to work from home. E-Complish does not lose a beat and is available to compensating controls for every client that E-Complish represents. E-Complish actually sees a 15% growth in this market due to the flexibility and programming changes needed for our clients.

  • May 2020 - Fund2Card is Launched

    Push2Card is launched to give FinTech Industry the ability to instantly “fund” a consumer’s Debit Card. No more printing checks and consumers receive their monies instantly! Never fear, Push2Card is here!

  • Future...

    If We Knew it, We Would be Awesome! We’re Not The Matrix…