• E-Complish is born July 1, 1998

    E-Complish opens with $100 in investment and an idea for collecting payments without costly call centers.

  • First IVR System is Created August 1, 1998

    1st IVR system is created for Fortune 100 Telecom – Right place at the right time!

  • $1 Billion Processed

    $1 Billion payment processing milestone surpassed for
    E-Complish systems.

  • HostPay is Developed January 1, 2001

    Hostpay web-payment portal developed to answer
    e-commerce push. New server pool placed in Rochester, NY data center.

  • VirtualPay is Developed April 1, 2003

    VirtualPay hosted call-center system developed to manage different channels and reporting -Reps love us!

  • $20 Billion Processed December 1, 2005

    More than $20 Billion processed via IVR, WEB and Representatives.

  • Green Day Established January 1, 2007

    Come to work green day established to remind us of Spring…we hate shoveling snow.

  • Company Trip to Hawaii December 1, 2008

    Company trip to Hawaii to celebrate hitting $50 Billion payment processing milestone. No sunburns reported.

  • MobilePay Developed September 1, 2010

    E-Complish develops first MobilePay application for major Electrical Utility to answer mobile revolution.

  • PaySecure is launched February 1 2011

    E-Complish rolls out secure pin-based debit processing, aptly named PaySecure.

  • $120 Billion Processed January 1 2013

    $120 Billion threshold surpassed in payment processing for E-Complish clients.

  • EBPP October 1 2013

    E-Complish incorporates electronic bill presentment. No more paper…trees love us!

  • Text2Pay Launched March 29 2014

    A systems where consumers can be sent text messages when bills are due. All they have to do is text a PIN number back and the payment is automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card.

  • E-Complish Rebrands July 25 2014

    In honor of our 15th year in business, the look and feel of the E-Complish brand has undergone a paint job! Here’s to another 15 years working together.

  • E-Complish and Card.io February 17 2015

    E-Complish introduces Card.io compatibility for MobilePay. Consumers take an image of their credit card and boom, the card info is input in the credit card fields.

  • E-Complish Integrates PayPal January 25 2016

    E-Complish hops on the PayPal bandwagon and integrates PayPal into all of of its’ payment solutions. Yes!

  • EDoc is launched July 2016

    May I have your signature please?

  • PrintNMail is released February 2017

    E-Complish helping clients meet meet goals one stamp at a time!

  • New Website July 2017

    E-Complish’s website gets an upgrade!

  • Future...

    If we knew it we would be awesome