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Retrying and/or Failed Processing Status: What Do I Do?

There are those occasions when the status of a customer’s transaction reflects something out of the ordinary. Most likely you are viewing a status of “Retrying” or “Failed Processing.” Although you will rarely see these statuses, it’s important to understand what they represent and how you should respond when you Read More

When Should I Send a Refund?

You have a customer who explains they accidentally made a double payment, or they made a payment but need that money for something else. What do you do? E-Complish can’t tell you what to do but we can recommend being cautious. Each request is unique, and most importantly it’s a Read More

Pizza Delivery Speed Inspires Retailer Priorities

With modern consumers craving speedy assistance via all channels, merchants can improve their customers’ experiences by replicating routines from unlikely sources: pizza delivery experts. Local merchants able to deliver orders within 30 minutes could win over more customers. Residents take pride in supporting hometown businesses, and today’s technological advancements Read More

Text2Pay Improves On-Time Public Utility Transactions

Government works want their customers’ monthly payment process to be the easiest possible method for on-time consistency. Short Message Service (SMS) bill reminders and/or transactions via cellphone texts are convenient without requiring constant internet access. Review this modern solution’s benefits and regulated procedures to learn how E-Complish’s Text2Pay system Read More

Payment Processing Leader E-Complish Answers the Question That Still Leaves People Confused: What Is an Electronic Check?


New York, NY, June 21, 2017 – It’s no secret that in the last 20 years the popularity of paper checks has diminished almost as fast as our collective love affair for fad sensations like Auto-Tune, the Snuggie, and if a recent New York Magazine article is to be Read More