Company Information

E-Complish provides a 360 degree eCommerce payment solution that surrounds our clients with every payment solution option needed for the convenience of their customers. From the online Payment Portal to payments by text, all tied together via our customized representative VirtualPay terminal. The VirtualPay terminal is the hub and provides our clients the ability to manage their payment solutions, customer experience, and robust customizable reporting for all reconciliation needs.

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E-Complish Main Address:

228 S. Park Ave. #89324

New York, NY 10003

Additional Office Locations:
  • Rochester, NY
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Martinsburg, WV
  • Tampa Bay, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Tucson, AZ
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Panama City, Panama
E-Complish is…
  1. A Certified Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider listed with Visa and MasterCard and audited annually by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).
  2. An Affiliate Member of Nacha (the governing body of ACH).
  3. A Registered Service Provider and Third Party Processor (TPP) for Visa.
  4. HIPAA Compliant to be audited and verified annually.
  5. SOC II compliant audited and verified annually.

Our philosophy is simple. Help businesses find the problems in their payment processes and design exactly what they need to fix those problems. This could be Internal Payment Processing within a Call Center to Consumer-driven websites, Mobile and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), systems.

We call our approach a ‘Customized Vested Solution.’


Our solutions look, feel, and sound like our clients. We help our clients find out what they need and then we build a new solution that perfectly meets their needs. We encourage our clients to think outside of the box. Give us a challenge. We love doing new things.


Instead of setup and maintenance fees, we use a transaction fee model. This approach puts the onus on us to develop the highest quality products that produce the best results for our clients. In other words, If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. We are mutually vested in the end result and quality.


We set out to create payment systems that ensure the highest levels of security, availability, and flexibility. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are a testament to our dedication to service and innovation. In fact, we still manage and process payments for our very first client 21+ years later.

E-Complish has an on-demand, real-time deployment of web services. At any point, E-Complish, through its data centers, can deploy on-demand servers, increase the CPUs or memory (RAM), in a matter of seconds.

E-Complish also has External Monitoring outside its Datacenter to look for latency or server problems. Additionally, any deployment of new services will coincide with E-Complish’s fail-back facility for real-time switch-over to the failover data center. This is part of the E-Complish PCI Compliance auditing of Disaster Recovery.

E-Complish has been in Partnership with Visa and Authorize.Net since 2005, to provide custom development for their Merchants. Authorize.Net is a Visa company.

CyberSource (also owned by Visa), is another partnership that is ten (10) years old where E-Complish is again a primary developer of Payment Gateway Services, API, and Payment Processing.

E-Complish is a primary developer for Wells Fargo Bank (nationwide). This relationship is going on 5 years now.

All E-Complish team members must go through at least two (2) on-going learning courses a year. Additionally, it is required per PCI-DSS that all Technical team members must complete at least one (1) on-going learning for coding techniques and security and this becomes evidence of ‘Ongoing Training’ per PCI-DSS Rules.



Online Payment Portal: Customized Online Consumer Payment Website.


Customized Mobile Payment via Responsive HostPay Website and/or custom Mobile App

DirectPay IVR:

Customized Telephony-Based Payments via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), System


Customized Customer Service Rep, (CSR), Portal, and Centralized Reporting


Customized Credit Card Batch Processing for Recurring Debit Card and ACH Payments


Customized Recurring Payment for both ACH and Debit Card


Customized API integration with the Merchant’s Systems for payment processing


Send billing Text Reminders to consumers with the option to make a payment via text using their secured eWallet.


Electronic Billing, Presentment and Payment, (EBPP), allows the Merchant to bill their Consumers (via email PDF), and allow payment online using HostPay


Electronic Signature documents to establish an ACH or Debit Card Recurring Payment Schedule in writing


Outbound IVR Dialer used to verify the consumer via an outbound call then interact with them to give a pre-recorded message, accept payment, and negotiate payment arrangements


Instantly send monies to a Consumer’s Debit Card.

Credit Cards:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover, and
  • American Express
Debit Cards:
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard Debit, and
  • Discover Debit
  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Savings, and
  • Business Checking

Customer Facing Online Payment Portal – Via HostPay, the customer will have the ability to review account details, previous billing statements (if using EBPP), historical payments, enroll in RecurPay, or make a one-time same-day or future-dated payment via credit card, debit card and ACH (Checking, Business or Savings). Additionally, the customer will have the ability to enroll in Text2Pay, set up an eWallet, and enroll in paperless billing using EBPP.


Customized Mobile Payment via Responsive HostPay Website and/or custom Mobile App. The customer experience is the same as HostPay above but can be made as a downloaded app as well.

DirectPay IVR:

Customized Telephony-Based Payments via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), System. The customer will have the ability to review their account details, historical payments, and make payment via credit card, debit card, and ACH. The customer will have the ability to enroll in “Fast Pay” for future payments made through the IVR. Fast Pay is an “IVR Wallet” that allows the customer to use the stored credit/debit card or ACH the next time they call into the DirectPay IVR. Additionally, the IVR can transfer the customer back to your Call Center in case of questions or error and send out SMS/Text payment receipts.


Customized recurring payments. RecurPay can be rules-based or as simple as setting up a recurring payment for the same amount on the same date. RecurPay can also be set as different amounts paid on different dates.


Via HostPay, MobilePay, and DirectPay IVR, the customer can enroll in Text2Pay. Text2Pay is a billing option that will SMS/Text the customer their latest bill-due information. The customer can choose to receive  Reminders Only or Reminders & Payment. If choosing Reminder & Payment, the customer sets up an eWallet online and a 4-6 PIN. When the customer receives their text they can pay the bill by responding with their PIN.


Electronic Billing, Presentment & Payment (EBPP) – Via HostPay and DirectPay IVR, the customer can opt-in for Paperless Billing (aka EBPP). The customer will be emailed the Electronic Bill and given the option to pay. The Electronic Bill is in PDF format and totally customized.


Electronic Signature documents used to establish a Recurring Credit Card/Debit Card and ACH plan. An EDOC is triggered by a CSR via the Virtual Terminal (VirtualPay), during a live call. The customer will be sent a pre-filled agreement with the details discussed with the CSR. The customer’s RecurPay plan will go into a Pending status until the document is signed by the customer. Describe the team member experience for each payment channel. All EDOCs are customized.


Outbound IVR Dialer used to contact and verify the consumer’s identity when answered. EnterACT will then interact with the consumer by delivering a message, billing details, and collect payment. EnterACT can be used for Reminder, Delinquent, and/or just deliver a call-back message. EnterACT requires the DirectPay IVR if payments are going to be collected.


Using VirtualPay, a CSR/Manger can instantly “push” the funds to a customer’s debit card. The customer in turn will see the funds on their debit card within minutes. No more cutting checks or waiting on ACH!

Using VirtualPay, the CSR (Customer Service Rep), has the ability to manage different aspects of customer-facing solutions such as HostPay, DirectPay IVR, Text2Pay, EBPP, EDOC, and Push2Card.

The CSR has the ability to:
  • Process one-time same-day payments
  • Process one-time future dated payments
  • Establish recurring/auto payment plans
  • Accept third-party payments
  • Access branch reports
  • Setup and send EDocs
  • Lookup EDOC status’
  • Fund money to a debit card using Push2Card
  • HostPay Web Profile ‘Account Resets’
  • Account Blocking for repeat customer offenders that bounce payments
  • Looking up and submitting a ‘Debit Card BIN’ (1st 6 digits of a debit card)
  • Pull Standard and Customized Reports
  • Resend a ‘Payment Receipt Email’
  • Review Status and Resend an EDOC
  • Review Status and Resend an EBPP (Electronic Customer Invoice) email
Please Note:

All of the above functionality is Security-level options. For example, maybe you do not want the CSR to have the ability to send a Push2Card transaction. Just go to their User and unselect the ‘Allow Push2Card’ checkbox.

Using RecurPay You can Accept:
  • One-time future-dated payments
  • A recurring payment of the same amount paid on the same date per month
  • Different amounts paid on different dates per month, or
  • A simple AutoPay setup that bills the customer when the Bill Due Amount comes up.
  • Additionally, RecurPay accepts the ‘standardized’ timing of…
    1. ‘Day Per Week’
    2. ‘Day Per Month’
    3. ‘Two Days Per Month’ and
    4. Bi-Monthly (every other month).

See more information on RecurPay.

E-Complish can post back payments to your system via your system’s API (using DevConnect), or via a secure (SFTP) file upload/download process. You’re choice.

We are experts at providing the means to automate the acceptance, processing, and reporting of transactions via a real-time web service API.


The customer will first establish a web-profile that will include a Username, Password, Secret Question, and Secret Answer. The Web Profile will give the customer the ability to create a securely stored eWallet that can be utilized for all of E-Complish’s payment services.

All payments are stored on our PCI, NACHA, and SOC-II Compliant servers.

Additionally, all logins, passwords, and secret questions/answers will be stored at E-Complish.

E-Complish provides a completely customized solution to fit your business rules and needs. Based on this, we will implement the process to handle the ‘Special Payment’ items in your question per your business rules.

Loan Payoffs

For example, if it is your business rule is to not allow ‘Loan Payoffs’ via the customer-facing payment solutions, E-Complish will prevent the payoff, provide messaging/disclaimers to the customer, and direct them to the branch for loan payoff calculation and assistance.

Or if Payoffs are allowed, via your API/Customer Data file, E-Complish will calculate the payoff amount and provide it to the customer for review and payment.

Deferments/ Judgments/Bankruptcy/ and Principal Only Payments

As far as Deferments, Judgements, Bankruptcy, and Principal-Only Payments, this again is driven by your set of rules that E-Complish will customize for you.

Based on your business rules, we can accept or prevent overpayments and underpayments. We can also provide a percentage of payment to be paid based on over or underpayment amounts and aging. E-Complish’s payment solutions are programmed with an across platform duplicate payment tracker. If a duplicate payment is attempted on the same day for the same amount, the transaction is blocked. Since all of our payment solutions are integrated with one another, we are able to track a duplicate payment attempt via different sources. For example, if a customer makes/processes a payment via MobilePay earlier in the day and then another payment is attempted via the DirectPay IVR later in the day, E-Complish’s duplicate tracker will catch and decline the 2nd payment attempt and provide a message.


E-Complish’s ACH and Push2Card process can provide loans or other types of disbursements to your customers via their ACH or debit card. The only difference is the speed of ACH vs. Debit Card funding.

Please Note:
  • ACH Disbursement are Next Day
  • Debit Card disbursements are instant (within minutes) if using Push2Card.


At no time are your monies flowing through E-Complish’s bank accounts! Instead, E-Complish integrates with your current banking and Merchant Services Provider (MSP) to process all transactions as they are today!

This means there are no hold times or liability by having funds in the possession of E-Complish, in other words, you get your monies deposited to your account as you do today.

ACH Transactions are verified to have a correct Bank Routing Number and at least a 4-digit Checking/Savings account number.

We can process micro-deposits for ACH or what’s called a “Pre-Note.” Both the micro-deposit and pre-note process are at least one (1) day delayed as they process through the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Come March 2021, all online ACH transactions must go through an ‘Account Verification’ process prior to processing the ACH transaction.

Credit/Debit Cards, we collected the CVV/Security ID and Address. The card is verified that the address on file is correct and the CVV/Security Code is verified as well.

This is a Rules-based approach that can differ per E-Complish Client.

E-Complish’s Text2Pay
  1. To start, the consumer enters their mobile phone number into the web portal/IVR. The consumer is then sent a validation code to their mobile phone number they provided.
  2. The consumer then enters that code into the website to verify that they own that mobile phone number, (this is fulfilling FCC opt-in guidelines and procedures).
  3. If the consumer chose ‘Bill Reminder Only,’ they are now enrolled, and they are done.
  4. If the consumer wants the added feature of making payment when they receive their bill reminder text message, they can establish a secure online ‘wallet’. To do so, they can securely store a credit card, debit card, or bank account.
  5. Once they have created their wallet, they are asked to create a 4-6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). The PIN is the mechanism that is used to actually make the payment, via SMS when they receive their bill reminder.
  6. In the future, the Merchant will prompt E-Complish to send the SMS text on its behalf. This can be through a daily file or live connection using an API connected to the Merchant’s servers.
  7. The SMS text will be sent out to all enrolled Text2Pay customers with a detail of their upcoming bill.
  8. If they were enrolled in ‘Bill Reminder and Payment,’ they will be asked whether they would like to make their payment now, and if so, to please enter in their 4-6 digit PIN.
  9. Once the 4-6 digit PIN is entered and verified, the payment is processed using their previously-stored credit/debit card or bank account that they stored in their wallet.
  10. As the last step, the Consumer is sent a ‘Confirmation Code’ of the payment.

E-Complish’s Direct Pay IVR is a customizable automated telephone payment attendant modeled to assist your customers as a live representative would. Branded in your company name, integrated with your customer database, the IVR will consist of customized prompts to guide and instruct your customers. Also provide detailed account information and payment options, such as Credit, Debit  Card, and banking account.

The Direct Pay IVR also provides the ability for the customer to create a securely stored ‘eWallet’ for future use, enroll in ‘Recurring Payments,’ Text2Pay, EBPP, etc. The Direct Pay IVR i.e. a 24 hour, 365 days a year representative to meet your business and payment solution needs.

E-Complish’s VirtualPay provides your representatives with the ability to view and manage customer accounts, process one-time payments, future dated payments, and establish recurring payment plans. The representative is also provided tools to assist the customer per their online payment account. Such as user profile resets, user credential emails, etc.

Additionally, VirtualPay provides the representative with a robust reporting tool to assist in research and analysis.

E-Complish’s secure ‘eWallet’ can be utilized across payment sources via the IVR (DirectPay), Online Payment Portal (HostPay), Text2Pay, VirtualPay (Rep Portal), MobilePay, EBPP, etc.

An ‘eWallet’ can house Visa, MasterCard, Discover, credit or debit cards along with ACH/Banking account information.

Per our integration with your MSP (Merchant Service Provider), via our API or data file exchange, we will receive the returned payments and return reason, and post them to our DB/customer account so the customer and Rep can see the ACH Return.

We then include the ACH Return info in our daily posting file back to the Merchant or via a direct connection using DevConnect API.

ACH Authorizations IVR
  • Via voice recording authorization or,
  • NACHA compliant SMS/Text Receipt.
Online Payment Portal (HostPay), Text2Pay, MobilePay
  • Self-initiated (made by the consumer) payments
  • NACHA compliant email and/or
  • SMS/text receipt.
VirtualPay Virtual Terminal
  • Representative initiated payments
  • NACHA compliant email and/or
  • SMS/text receipt.

Each payment channel will send an email receipt or SMS/Text receipt. Each transaction requires the card’s security code and billing zip code.

AVS – Address Verification Service is optional.


This is part of our Transaction Processing SLA. See Technology Tab.

All monthly Invoices will break down number of items per Source. This in turn can be verified using the Reporting within our VirtualPay terminal.

See above.

Yes. We provide tiered pricing based on volume. The tiers are shown on the attached E-Complish Gateway Agreement.

Implementation fees

See E-Complish Gateway Agreement.

Ongoing maintenance fees

See E-Complish Gateway Agreement.

Price per payment method

See E-Complish Gateway Agreement.

Dollar amount variables

See E-Complish Gateway Agreement.

Price per payment return

ACH Returns are charged by clients bank, not E-Complish.

Monthly storage

We do not charge. Document copies are available on-demand via the VirtualPay terminal.

Test environment

A Test Environment Sandbox is included at no charge.