Payment Processing Challenges

E-Complish provides customized payment solutions to automate acceptance and processing for any business need.

Payment Challenges

Does your business experience payment challenges for the acceptance, processing and compliance of payment acceptance and processing? E-Complish provides customized payment solutions that a business would experience. All products provided by E-Complish are completely customized solutions by our in-house programmers (no overseas programming). Our solutions are provide your company the look and feel that you desire your customers to see, hear and use.

PCI Compliance

  • PCI Compliance – Eliminate the challenges of PCI Compliance by outsourcing to a fully-customizable Level 1 PCI Compliant Payment Processor.

All-In-One Payment Processing

  • VirtualPay – Take charge of all your payment integration needs and manage thousands of transactions simultaneously within one cohesive interface.

Check Processing

  • ACH Processor – Make it quick and easy to transfer electronic funds transfer payment. Our web-based system is faster and more efficient than traditional paper methods and provides comprehensive reporting and tracking.

Electronic Billing

  • EBPP – Immediately reduces costs associated with paper and postage through an intuitive electronic payment platform.

eCommerce and Merchant Solutions

  • BatchPay – Dramatically decrease the amount of time and money spent manually entering individual credit card payments. Upload thousands of individual credit card transactions with the click of a button.
  • RecurPay  – Easily and securely manage your recurring credit card payments, maintain billing data, and improve cash flow.
  • HostPay – Take the hassle out of eCommerce by using an elegant and PCI Compliant payment site that can be customized to match your company’s unique brand identity.

Mobile Processing

  • MobilePay – A web-based service that allows customers to make payments quickly and easily from their tablet devices or mobile phones.
  • Text2Pay – Allow customers to make quick and easy payments by simply responding to text message payment notifications.

Phone Payments

  • DirectPay – A hassle-free inbound calling service that can easily process credit card and ACH transactions over the phone.
  • EnterAct – Automated outbound phone calling services with advanced payment functionality

Developer API Solutions

  • DevConnect– Easily integrate your legacy systems with our ACH and credit card back end processors using a single API.