Payment Processing Challenges

E-Complish provides customized payment solutions to automate acceptance and processing for any business need.

IVR Phone Payments: Pay Over the Phone with theE-Complish automated phone payment system

Utilizing an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, you can easily Automate inbound and outbound IVR phone payments to truly transform your business. These days, around-the-clock customer service and payment options are no longer optional. Additionally, maximizing the bandwidth of your customer service team – freeing them up to help customers rather than accept phone payments – is paramount. Spend your valuable dollars on freeing up your employees to grow your business, not just maintain it.

E-Complish’s DirectPay and EnterAct are easy-to-use IVR phone payment solutions that are customized and simple to integrate. All E-Complish solutions are fully PCI compliant, and upheld to the highest security standards. With our range of payment solutions, we’ll help your business reduce overhead and time spent on processing. Worry less, and process transactions faster with E-Complish.

  • DirectPay – A hassle-free and fully customized inbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) answering service that can easily process credit card and ACH transactions over the phone with a simple transfer from your phone system. No equipment and no hassle automated phone system that is designed to process payments 24/7 in the sound and feel of your company.
  • EnterAct – Fully customized and automated outbound IVR calling service with advanced message and payment functionality. Use EnterACT to place phones calls of any sort of message in your company sound and feel. Whether you want a simple broadcasting of a message or use for collection of payments from you customers, EnterACT is here to spread the word create you cost savings and profit.

Have questions? Please Contact Us to learn how E-Complish can reduce your overhead and enable you to accept phone payments and produce outbound campaigns without the need of a call center.

Looking for Mobile Solutions? Be sure to check out our MobilePay and E-Complish Text2Pay solutions.