Payment Processing Solutions

E-Complish provides multiple customized applications to satisfy the needs of payment acceptance, processing and e-commerce.

EDoc – E-Signature

EDoc E-Signatures Payment Authorizations

Do you need to lower your charge-backs or ACH Returns by 20-30%? EDoc is the solution.

Designed as a means to formalize a single payment or payment plan, EDocs are used to send a document for signature to a consumer with pre-populated payment details and information. The consumer simply receives an email for the EDoc and signs the agreement approving the payment or recurring payment plan.


  • EDoc’s are initiated by way of HostPay, Customer Service Reps using VirtualPay or even through our DevConnect API.
  • Once the EDoc is sent, it is identified as ‘Pending Signature’ within VirtualPay or DevConnect API.
  • After the consumer electronically signs the EDoc, both the consumer and the Merchant will be notified via email that the EDoc was signed and is pending approval by the Merchant.
  • From the Merchant’s side, the EDoc can be approved by a Representative (using user-level security or not) to activate the terms of the EDoc.
  • Alternatively, the EDoc can be automatically activated without approval by a Merchant representative utilizing either VirtualPay or DevConnect API rules.


  • The entire EDoc process follows the Electronic Signature Act guidelines.
  • EDocs are stored on E-Complish servers for safekeeping and future retrieval when needed.
  • EDoc are retrievable (on demand) via VirtualPay or DevConnect API as a PDF document.
  • Reporting of EDoc status’ show which EDocs are Pending Signature by the Consumer, Pending Approval by the Merchant, Declined by the Merchant and Activated.
  • Automatic reminders can be enabled to “resend” the EDoc to the consumer.


  • The EDoc process has statistically shown to decrease charge-backs and ACH Returns by 20-30%.
  • Satisfies ACH NACHA Rules for Recurring TEL and PPD Transactions.
  • You decide who on your team has Administrative Responsibilities and then enable admins to view or approve documents.
  • EDoc provides an audit log showing the entire history of a document. This includes uploading, adding elements, viewing, signing, and who took each of these actions. You will also see the date, the IP address, and which platform was used (web, iOS, Android).
  • EDoc is designed to be opened on any device for the consumer’s signature.
  • Consumer signatures are easy. They can be uploaded, typed or drawn to produce a great looking signature.
  • Invitation to sign your documents is by way of a simple email and almost guaranteed to not be screened as spam by mail systems.
  • Use EDoc on the go with any iOS and Android application.

Requires One of the Following:

EDocs are a great way to formalize the payment process or even gather information like on-line applications and other agreements.