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Our ACH payment processing solutions make it almost too easy to take care of large batches of payments all at once. Save your accounting team from the painstaking task of processing ACH payments manually. They will thank you for it. All you do is log into your web-based account, upload a file of your payment information, and click “Process.” Done.

ACH Features:

  • API Integration with your billing system and/or website to facilitate web initiated ACH payments
  • Reliable security features, including internet encryption, multi-password protection, and user-level security with PIN
  • Ability to find, edit and/or replicate any transaction
  • Includes every ACH payment type that any bank would be capable of processing
  • ABA Bank Database verification
  • Print and export statements and reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats
  • NACHA compliant letter and email processing

ACH Benefits:

  • Better cash flow and improved collections
  • Lower fees
  • Earlier warning of insufficient funds
  • Faster notification of settlements

Who Should Use ACH Processing?

Merchants that:

  • Take payments over the phone, mail, or email.
  • Have regular internet access.
  • Need to increase the speed of check deposit and clearance.

ACH Processor can be used as a stand-alone solution or together with our VirtualPay, EBPP, HostPay, RecurPay, MobilePay, Text2Pay, EnterAct and Developer API Solutions.

Who Should Use ACH Processing?

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