Secure 3-Way Telephone Payment Assistant for Call Center Reps


Intended for call centers, CallSentry is a three-way secure telephone system that enables consumers to make credit card payments over the telephone while a live representative is on the line. Instead of the insecure way of representatives taking the full credit card number over the telephone, CallSentry allows consumers to enter their credit card information while the representative is on the call. However, the entry of the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV are all “muted” to the representative in order to keep the call PCI-Compliant.

With CallSentry, the contact center is “de-scoped from” PCI-DSS requirements because card numbers are gathered using a secure IVR, thus creating PCI-DSS compliance. Once the CallSentry PCI-compliant virtual voice agent is invoked, the agent cannot hear sensitive information such as credit card numbers, but can hear and participate in the rest of the conversation with the consumer.

Take Payment Details Out of the Hands of Live Agents.

CallSentry Features

  • SECURITY – Payments are truly secured and our platform scales with you, which meaningfully reduces the risk of a data security breach.
  • EASY PAYMENTS FOR CUSTOMERS – Telephone payments remain popular with consumers. Consumers appreciate the ability to easily make payments via the voice channel without compromising their payment information.
  • CONTACT CENTER SAVINGS – The contact center is de-scoped from PCI-DSS compliance requirements; the implementation of CallSentry is a small fraction of the costs of complying with PCI-DSS across the contact center.
  • EASY PAYMENT PROCESSING FOR AGENTS – During the payment input, the agent remains on the line in case assistance is needed. The process also reduces average handle times for agents.
  • INTEGRATION – Call Sentry integrates with E-Complish’s payment processing platforms or your existing payment processing systems. CallSentry can operate as a stand-alone processor interconnect with multiple major telecom carriers.
  • ENGAGE ONLY WHEN NEEDED – Implementation is easy and the secure payment processing application can be invoked only when needed.
  • COMPLIANCE – Robust security that includes PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Visa & Mastercard Verified to ensure caller data is always secure.