HostPay – Consumer-Facing E-Commerce Web Payments

Our philosophy is that e-commerce transactions should be quick and easy. That’s why we’ve spent time researching proven methods to get customers through the checkout process in as little time as possible, always keeping in mind the importance of security and personalization. Our HostPay system is a payment site that you link to from your website, with the option of customizing it to match your website’s unique design. HostPay easily integrates with other E-Complish solutions using our online payment console, VirtualPay.


  • Easy to set up and implement
  • Tailored to your branding and design specifications
  • Processes payments in real-time on Level One PCI Compliant servers
  • Delivers customized email responses and receipts to customers upon purchase
  • The backend allows you to easily process existing credit card data and/or manually enter transactions from other sources
  • Ability to authorize transactions, authorize and capture payments, or offer refunds
  • Accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners, EnRoute, JCB
  • Full integration with MobilePay, RecurPay, Text2Pay, EBPP, ACH Processor and VirtualPay


  • Money saved on transaction processing
  • Branded payment site builds customer trust
  • Increased revenue
  • Bolstered customer service
  • Reduced data entry errors and declined cards

Who Should Use It?

Merchants that:
  • Want full e-commerce capabilities on their website
  • Would like to avoid the hassle of hosting their own system
  • Don’t want the cost associated with a custom solution
  • Are not level One PCI Compliant, but would still like to offer secure payments to customers
  • Wish to offer buyers instant, customized email receipts

Works With:

  • MobilePay – Consumer-Facing Mobile Payments
  • VirtualPay – Rep/CSR Facing Web Payments
  • RecurPay – Recurring/Scheduled Payments
  • Text2Pay – SMS/Text Payments
  • EDoc – Electronically Signed Payment Agreements
  • EBPP– E-Billing and Payments