EBPP – E-Billing Bill Payment

EBPP Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment is the simplest way to convert to electronic payment for your business and your customers. Fully integrated with HostPay, MobilePay, and Virtual Pay, EBPP immediately reduces costs associated with paper and postage while providing an intuitive payment platform. Businesses who have converted to EBPP have seen, on average, a 20% reduction in costs and a 15% reduction in late or missed payments, with nearly half of all enrolled customers paying their bill the same day the request is emailed.

The True Cost of Paper Billing Infographic

Paper bills and statements don’t just make opening the mail a chore. They’re expensive to send, environmentally wasteful and don’t meet consumers’ changing needs.

EBPP Features:

  • Online Enrollment
  • View bills and invoices online in HTML or PDF
  • “Pay Now” functionality fully-integrated with HostPay and VirtualPay
  • Processes transactions in real-time on Level One PCI Compliant Servers
  • Accepts payments from personal or business accounts and all major credit cards

EBPP Benefits

  • Immediate cost savings
  • Faster and cheaper than paper billing
  • Customers use E-billing for a streamlined, more convenient experience
  • Save time chasing late bills
  • Fully PCI Compliant

Who Is It For?

  • Any business with on-going billing
  • Merchants who still use paper billing
  • Utility and Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions

Works With: