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Lower your business’s chargebacks and ACH returns by up to 30 percent with secure signatures from EDoc by E-Complish. The EDoc signature service allows merchants who need reliable signed agreements to produce, send, and retrieve signed documents electronically. EDoc solutions from E-Complish help businesses that utilize recurring transactions, payment plans, or AutoPay services. A trusted and secure EDoc service is easy for both employees and customers to use, which improves productivity for your business. With EDoc sign methods, you can increase the efficiency of sending and receiving agreements with a secure electronic signing.
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How Does EDOC Work?

EDoc by E-Complish works for merchants who are using HostPay secure online payments, VirtualPay payment processing solutions, RecurPay for recurring payments, or the DevConnect API for legacy payment systems. Through EDoc, documents that need signatures can be emailed to consumers, which include pre-populated payment details and information. Consumers can then sign the agreements and approve the payment or recurring payment plan, which are sent back to the merchant for processing.

Once the EDoc is sent, it is identified as “Pending Signature” within the VirtualPay or DevConnect API, which makes it easier for merchants to track. Once the consumer electronically signs the EDoc, both the consumer and merchant are notified by email that the EDoc has been signed and is pending approval.

After the signature is received, the merchant can approve the EDoc, with the option to use user-level security, and activate the EDoc terms. Alternatively, the EDoc can be automatically activated without approval by a merchant representative by utilizing VirtualPay or DevConnect API rules.

EDOC Benefits:

  • Compliance: The EDoc process follows ESIGN Act guidelines and satisfies ACH NACHA Rules for Recurring TEL and PPD transactions.
  • Security: EDocs are stored on secure E-Complish servers for safekeeping. You decide who on your team has administrative responsibilities to view or approve documents.
  • Retrievability: EDocs are retrievable on-demand via VirtualPay or the DevConnect API as a PDF document.
  • Clear reporting: EDoc statuses include Pending Signature by the Consumer, Pending Approval by the Merchant, Declined by the Merchant, and Activated. An audit log shows the entire history of a document, including uploading, adding elements, viewing, and signing, as well as the person who took each action. Date, IP address, and which platform was used (web, iOS, or Android) is also displayed.
  • Automatic reminders: Your business can use these to resend EDocs to consumers who have not responded.
  • Ease of use: EDoc can be opened and used on any device and with any iOS and Android application. Signatures can be uploaded, typed, or drawn. Document signing is solicited via familiar email systems and is virtually guaranteed to not be marked as spam.

The e-signature market is expected to grow exponentially in the next two decades, as merchants and professional services providers strive to deliver convenience to customers. Today’s customers expect electronic signature options like EDoc, so business can be conducted more quickly and securely.

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Cut out the hassle of chasing down customers for signatures, and give your clients a simple solution they’ll appreciate. Just email a request with EDoc, then track and manage signature collection easily and securely.

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Contact E-Complish to Learn More About EDoc. You can improve business productivity quickly and easily with EDoc. Download our free e-signature information brochure here, and schedule a free consultation for how E-Complish services like EDoc can help your business.