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Take the hassle and effort out of managing inbound customer phone calls with E-Complish’s phone-based payment IVR system. If you’ve heard the term and are wondering, “What is IVR?”: interactive voice response IRV systems are innovative automated tools that allow you to accept a wide variety of payment types over the phone, using a series of pre-recorded messages. To define IVR with E-Complish, we’ve created DirectPay, an IVR web-based solution that improves customer satisfaction and efficiency for your business.

Instead of having to employ phone representatives, worry about training, or recruit professionals to handle basic tasks for your business, an IVR system handles payment types easily and automatically. A computer-based system that interacts with customers via phone touch tones and voice recognition can complete transactions on behalf of your business so you can focus on more important aspects.

DirectPay saves your business money, training, and time while improving accuracy and productivity. DirectPay easily integrates with other E-Complish solutions, using our all-in-one online payment system, VirtualPay.

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DirectPay IVR System Features

We’ve created DirectPay to be accurate, reliable, and easy for your customers who use it. Completing payments on the phone saves your clients time, too, which makes using IVR web technology a win-win for your business. Features include:

  • Take phone calls any time of the day, any day of the week. Your business doesn’t have to stay open 24/7 in order to keep moving, and you don’t have to worry about staffing or employee reliability.
  • Process transactions in real-time. Get paid more quickly, and allow your customers to handle their business with your company when it’s convenient for them.
  • Customize the messages and prompts your customers will hear. DirectPay is completely customizable, so you can match the Interactive voice response IVR systems messaging to your brand tone, language, and needed functions.
  • Integrate DirectPay easily with EnterAct and our all-in-one VirtualPay solution. DirectPay works with the systems you’re already using or want to use, like outbound automated calling, and gets to work right away. This decreases the burden on your IT staff and makes it easy for anyone in your business to adapt to.
  • Access detailed reports and transaction data. Gain better insight into your operations with valuable data and reports that can help you improve what you offer your customers.
  • Payment authorization is verbally recorded using NACHA Compliant ACH processing via IVR. Your customers’ data is protected through the secure IVR web system.
  • Transaction processing is Level One PCI compliant for maximum security. Customers can feel confident that your IVR system is safeguarded and professional.

DirectPay works with the innovative payment processing solutions from E-Complish you already have in place, including VirtualPay for rep/CSR-facing web payments, RecurPay for recurring/scheduled paymentsText2Pay for SMS/text payments, and EBPP for e-billing and payment.

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Perfect for Any Budget, Any Need

An IVR system is a cost-effective way to handle more business and offer better service to your customers. Don’t worry about what is IVR with our simple DirectPay system. Consider these benefits:

  • An IVR system enables your business to take calls or increase how many calls you can take, without having to hire more people
  • Customer service is enhanced because transaction processing is faster and more accurate, and hold times are eliminated
  • IVR scales with your business, with no need for more training or new hires

IVR installation is free with E-Complish. Your business can start taking automated phone payment calls quickly and start processing increased numbers of transactions more accurately. Call us toll-free at 888-847-7744 for more information, or contact us online for IVR system information.