RecurPay – Recurring Payments

Accepting recurring credit card payments shouldn’t be a complicated process, and RecurPay makes sure that’s the case. With its full suite of fraud detection tools as well as easy management of account and billing information, this software will save your company money and time. RecurPay easily integrates with other E-Complish solutions using our all-in-one online payment system, VirtualPay.


  • Apply recurring charges to a credit card on an ongoing basis
  • Use our software developers kit for easy customization
  • Manage billing information hassle-free with our user-friendly interface
  • Customize and automate email confirmations for customers
  • Get daily email reporting on transaction results
  • Level One PCI Compliant storage of customer credit card information
  • Available in French and English
  • Export and import data easily and hassle-free


  • Lower costs spent on collections
  • Higher charitable donations
  • Save time and money through improved account reconciliation processes
  • No specialized technical skills required
  • Easily integrates with other E-Complish systems using VirtualPay, our all-in-one online payments console.

Who Should Use It?

Merchants that:

  • Would prefer that users pay regularly, but don’t want increased collection fees
  • Are looking to offer a weekly, monthly or annual membership
  • For security purposes, would rather not store customer credit card information
  • Want to eliminate traditional bills and statements

Requires One of the Following:

  • HostPay – Web Payments
  • MobilePay – Consumer Facing Mobile Device Payment
  • VirtualPay – Representative/CSR Facing Web CRM
  • DevConnect API – Employs industry standard secure data encryption technology