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Bring more convenience to your customers and less hassle to your business with Text2Pay, a user-friendly way to bill and accept payments through SMS text messaging technology. Text2Pay is innovative payment processing that improves payment accuracy and timeliness. Eliminate paper, reduce late or missed payments, and provide security for your customers with a simple SMS payment system they and your business will love.

Text2Pay is a tool that is perfect for any business or industry that features recurring billing. For example, utility companies, telecom and mobile phone industry companies, financial lenders, businesses in the rent-to-own industry, personal and business insurance industry companies, property management businesses, and virtually any industry with ongoing billing will benefit from Text2Pay from E-Complish.

Our secure payment protects the finances of your customers and your business. Customers can pay bills anytime, anywhere, on any SMS-capable device. You’ll love the improved accuracy and speed of receiving payment, and customers will appreciate how easy it is to pay their bills.

How Text2Pay Works:

The Text2Pay process is easy. Using Text2Pay puts customers in control of notifications and how they send payments, and you receive them quickly. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers sign up for E-Complish Text2Pay and choose whether they want to pay bills directly through Text2Pay, or want payment reminders.
  • For customers who wish to pay directly, payment account information is entered into our secure system. A personalized PIN is created to verify the payment.
  • When a bill is due, Text2Pay sends a text payment notification to each customer.
  • Upon receiving the SMS payment message, customers submit their PIN and make a payment any time, day or night.

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Text2Pay Works With:

Text2Pay uses a powerful SMS platform to guarantee text message delivery, compliance with the FCC, and adherence to the Mobile Marketing Association’s Best Practices guidelines. In addition, text2Pay is easy to integrate with all E-Complish solutions, using our all-in-one online payment system, VirtualPay. To use Text2Pay, your business must be using one of the following systems:

At E-Complish, we’ll work with you to provide the most productive payment processing for your business.

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Text2Pay Powerful Platform

Today, more than 95 percent of Americans own cellphones, and smartphone ownership is up to more than 75 percent. As a result, consumers are more comfortable than ever before using their phones for everyday tasks, from buying goods online to conducting research and sharing information.

Customers also demand immediacy and accuracy for basics tasks. With Text2Pay, users don’t have to re-enter credit cards or bank details. Instead, all identifying information is already connected within the secure system, and no personal or account details are revealed. There is also no login required, so there is no need to search for passwords or usernames. Instead, just a few clicks on the phone, and payment is completed.


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E-Complish has been a leader in payment processing technology since 1998. Our trusted track record of helping businesses across the country achieve their payment processing goals is evident in our client retention rates. We provide easy-to-use, secure payment solutions that help you operate your business more efficiently to increase your bottom line.

When you use E-Complish for text payment processing, we’ll work to understand your unique business needs to provide the best payment solutions that work for you. Contact our team online to help you with payment processing, or call toll-free at 888-850-5318 for more information.